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Why should you Read a Book Daily

1. Gives new way to life, Gives Different perspective to life
2. Reading makes you smarter
3. Reading Increase creativity and Imagination
4. Improves memory and Knowledge
5. To learn from masters

6.Expansion of Vocabulary

Not only these,You have many Advantages.So Today Techspreading is giving many Expensive Books for free of cost for you only Because you are ready to change your lives by Reading the Books and Learning the Technical Skills which was published in Techspreading Blog.



Every student has a curiosity to know something,but some students only will grasp and break the exams easily.Here the difference is what you have to  learn? and what not to do?Here given Important concepts will help you to visualize the concept,making easier to break the exams and you can get previous year question papers also.



Playing games is not a bad habbit but playing games for long time is a bad you have many benifits by playing games

1.Improve your memory!

2.Improve your problem-solving skills.

3.Raise your IQ?

4. Avoid diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Reduce stress and increase positive energy.

6.Increase productivity at work.

7.Increase your possitive thinking

like above you have many benefits by playing games Are you genius?How much IQ you have?

Lets test your brain



You are topper in your class you have plenty of knowledge on Acadamics but you are lack in some Technical skills  these few skills will decides you are eligible for your job are not.Then why are you  wasting your time.We are spreading the Technical skills to all the needy.Daily atleast learn one concept from our site you will have bright future we are promising you.Lets start from Today 

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