How to Search,Install and Uninstall the Softwares in Ubuntu 18.04 through Terminal

Hello Friends You can learn How to search ,How to install and How to uninstall Software in Ubuntu OS through Terminal .

Note:We have run the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system.


Apt-cache is a command-line tool used for searching apt packages on a Ubuntu OS. With apt-cache search, you can search for any package using the keyword related to its name or description. In the output, it displays all the packages matching the search criteria.With apt-cache search, you can search and display the information about the available packages from the internet repositories. It can also be used to search for information about the packages which are already installed on your system.

In order to search for packages, type apt-cache search followed bt the relevant keyword. Here is the syntax to do so:

Command: $ apt-cache search <keyword>

Replace the keyword with any of installed or installable package name. Note that the keyword can be exact or a part of the package name or it can be any word related to package description. In the output, you will see a list of packages matched with the mentioned keyword and a brief description of each package.

* For Instance :

-->It will diplays as below with Description

2)Installing Software

If you want to install software through terminal All you need to do is to open up the terminal window in your Ubuntu desktop and type in the command which will install your chosen application:

For example, if you want to install bpython3 as we searched above using apt-cache command, you just need to run the command below :

Command: $sudo apt install bpython3

In other words, you just have the type in the name of the package which corresponds to the application at the end of the sudo apt install comman

Command:$sudo apt install package_name

-->You will need to enter your password for confirmation.

-->After entering the password it will asks to continue enter Y to cancel enter N,you have to enter Y and wait for installing all packages after installing it will shows as below:

-->You have succesfully installed bpyhthon3 software in your pc for checking you may type bpython3 in terminal it will open.

3)Uninstalling software

In order to remove an application that you have already installed using the terminal or the Ubuntu Software Center or any other method, you can use the apt command as well.

You just need to issue the command below and remember to replace the package_name with your desired application name you want to delete.

Command 1: sudo apt-get remove package_name

Command 2: sudo apt-get purge package_name

-->For instance Iam Uninstalling bpython3 after entered the command you have to enter your password

-->Then hit Y to continue the uninstallation

-->After Uninstalling It will shows as below

-->This is the process How to install ,uninstall and search softwares in ubuntu os 18.04 through terminal not only these we have alternative ways to these process through Ubuntu store also we can do this activities..

Thank you I hope it will useful for you,and Don't forget to share this Article it will useful to your Friend Also



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