Countries and its Capital City in the World..

Countries and its Capital City in the World..

List of all Countries with their Capital cities actually a capital city of country means, a city or town that functions as the seat of government and administrative centre of a country or region Every country has atleast one capital you can sort Alphabetically by tapping on header below

These are the list of all countries and their capital cities but 13 countries are having more than one capital cities Do you know what are they? Lets have a glimse on below table


1)There are 197 countries in whole world.

2)Every country have atleast one capital cities.

3)13 countries have more than one capital cities.

4)Southafrica,Srilanka,Benvia,Bolivia,Chile,Coted'lvoire,Georgia,Malaysia,Montenego,Netherlands,Swaziland,Yemen,Tanzania are having more than one Capital cities

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