3 Techniques to Remember Vocabulary for Life Time

Do you want to learn and Remember the New words and that Meanings for Life Time.Then this article will be a Turning Point in your life.

Vocabulary is very important to all Students,Teachers,Politicians,Public speakers simply to all who want success or to speak and understand the English language we must and should have good grip on Vocabulary.These vocabulary is like a Fuel to small sentences,Books,Novels,Long speeches etc.,Whenever you are Reading English book,Reading a Magazine or Newspaper,Listening a speech one unknown Word comes.

Today Iam Reading One Book called GOALS by Brain Tracy in that I got one word called a Aegis.I don't know the Meaning of this word. If we don't know what we do Normally? We will ask to Teacher,Mother or Father.Otherwise we will refer the Dictionary and we will Find out the meaning of that Word.I got the Meaning that is Protection,Support.

Usage: Lucky Worked under the Aegis of her Father.

Till Now you learn the Meaning and Usage But after some days,months or even after some years you will forget that word meaning.Why?? You will only Byhat or Repeat that word for no.of times this is not a correct way to Remember a Vocabulary for several Years.

Thats Why we are here to Help you? For long-term remembering we should not use one step method we use 3 steps method.That is Techspreading Method.

Step 1: Know the Meaning

Whenever you get an Unknown word You dont know the Meaning of that word you have to follow the Traditional,Orthodox,Normal Method that is Finding the Meaning from your Teacher,Lecturer,Mother,Father or Dictionary.This is Normal Method Step1. I'm adding other 2 steps to Remembering that word for a long time.

Step 2: Find the Known Word

When you get this word Meaning.You have to Find Is there something that I know in that word or Word Pronounsation.Let us take Above Example whenever You are pronousing Aegis

you will find the word called Age.You Know what is Age?You have to find something that you know in the Main word That is step2.

Step3: Connect Known with Unknown

Now,You have to Connect/Associate The word which you know to the which you dont know. let us take above example Aegis, Known Word is Age,meaning of the Aegis is Protection,Support,Shield Now we have to connect the known word Age to Aegis Meaning which we dont know.

Let us see the Assocation/story/picture creating.

1.Whenever Age is above 60 they are old people we have to Protect and Support them.

2.Whenever Age is below 10 they are Children we have to Protect and Support them.

Like this you have to connect the Word What you Know to What you Dont know. By Following this Method For a Particular word one Image will be Created.When that word comes into your mind immediately that Image will also comes they both are permanently linked and stored in your Mind.The only language that mind can know is visualization or Image Language thats why that image will permanently stored into our Mind.

Daily you have to practice atleast one word After completion of your Graduation you have a plenty of vocabulary.So thats why Techspreading is here to help you to Increase your vocabulary Daily Morning We will send One Word,Meaning and Connection in Our Whatsapp Group,Telegram Channel Do you Want to Join Click on below Links

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Thank you So much for Reading this article Totally But you have to Implement all these Steps That is Vision and Mission of Techspreading "Adding Values to your Life"

Share this article with your Friends also .I Hope This Article will Help you.

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